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High-Quality Salon Furniture

We as salons owner always take into account clients’ comfort that should come within the salon’s budget. Some of the few features should be focused on buying high-quality salon furniture.

Comfortability of Salon Funiture

To ensure a comfortable experience for customers, salon chairs should have full back support, high-density foam cushions, and a wide enough breadth to accommodate all sizes of clients. The chair\’s shape and structure must also be considered when measuring customer comfort.

Material – Salon Furniture

We have to take into consideration the materials are using to manufacture salon furniture because the best materials will long the life of all furniture. Premium leatherette, high-quality density foam, PU mold materials, and good quality Stainless steel pump base make the life and look both quality salon furniture.


Wipe Downs After Each Service with mild soap spray on hair salon chairs, shampoo stations, and salon equipment and beauty equipment. In pedicure stations arrange the cleanliness and sanitize foot basins after each service. Sterilizers play a vital role in the salon industry. We can keep salon beauty equipment and salon accessories sanitized.  

Warranty of Salon Furniture


Warranty is one of the factors to choose quality salon furniture. We can understand some of the spare parts never cover warranty periods, like showers, mixers, or imported items such as steamers and towel warmer but these items are repairable. The warranty covers the major part of salon furniture and accessories, like leatherette peel-off, foam or pu mold, pump hydraulic chair, chair recliner systems, shampoo station electric recliner, and more. 

When searching for the ideal barber shop chair for your business, look no further than Glam Salon furniture. From styling chairs to manicure stations, we offer a variety of affordable, high-quality products that can fit your salon’s aesthetic and keep your wallet happy.

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