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A pedicure chair is a type of seating that is used in spas and nail salons. It is specially designed and engineered to facilitate foot care which allows the technician to wash the feet and remove all the dead skin, which tends to nail care. While they vary widely in appearance, all the pedicure chairs have some basic elements in common. It includes a seat for the clients, a foot-sized bowl or sinks to facilitate foot washing, and some space for a footrest. If you are looking forward to buying the best pedicure chair in Gurgaon, then you need to look no further, as you can consider this guide and get your hands on the types of different pedicure chairs.

The main use of pedicure chairs

Before you check the pedicure chair price in Agra, you have to understand the usage of pedicure chairs. The pedicure chairs are highly specialized equipment pieces and are overwhelmingly found in spas besides nail salons even a small percentage of them are used by mobile pedicure providers operating in vans. Of course, they do. You do not often find different pedicure chairs in most home environments. The devices should be pretty specific to the office equipment.

Different types of pedicure chairs

Piped and pipeless are two types of pedicure chairs. You can connect with pedicure chairs in Delhi dealers if you want to buy piped or pipeless pedicure chairs. A pipe in the chair is completely plumbed with water flowing in the bowl from the plumbing system of your building. At first glance, you would think that this is your way to go, but the reality is that the piped-in chairs are not completely sanitary because a few spas and nail salons take a lot of time to properly clean the insides of the pipe running into the chair. It is problematic because after the pedicure the water in the bowl is unsanitarily filled with bacteria, skin, and fungus, which leads to buildups in the pipe. It can also lead to infections if other consumers are exposed to the same.

Considering the huge challenges of keeping the pipe clean, pipeless chairs were introduced. In this device, water is poured into the bowl manually or as directed from the water tank for all the clients and then taken away to be disposed of. As the salon only has to deal with keeping the bowl clean, it is very easy, and the net result is safe and, of course, more sanitary. Irrespective that a pipe in the chair still exists, they have slowly been falling out of use as many people are using pipeless chairs.

Furthermore, chairs are designed for mobile use and represent a different type of pedicure chair. They are collapsible so that they can be carried to various locations, retirement communities, assisted living centers, and the like. But in practice, they are small, easily more variants of the pipeless chairs, so the classification holds to some extent.

How can you choose the right pedicure chair

Acetone and pedicure chairs

Being a salon owner, you would hesitate to use a nail polish remover as you worry that harsh acetone will ruin the finish of your pedicure chair. But you don\’t have to worry as you can get a chair that is acetone resistant. Some chair bases with an acrylic finish can also be cleaned in no time if the remover gets in contact with it, and there would be no harm.

Take some time to research 

It is great to familiarize yourself with some prominent brands in the market. You can attend some trade shows and learn how different model shares work utilizing some demos. This allows you to see how the chair provides the comfort needed from the customer’s viewpoint.

There are some discounts on the purchases of words to salon owners during such trade shows, especially for salon owners who buy multiple chairs. When clients come for any pedicure treatments, they are looking for the opportunity to relax and relieve stress. Hence, choosing a chair with different cool features like massage options would also help you stay relevant and stay hired in the competitive market.

If you\’re looking for the best manufacturers and suppliers for massage or spa chairs, then you can choose Glam Salon Furniture. The company also offers pipe-less pedicure chairs where clients can comfortably sit, and it also has different features like adjustable trays to make it easy for the customers to get in and out of the chair. The arm tray with the cup holder allows the customers to sip their favorite beverage while they get their feet done.

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